Progress Report

So due to the Christmas holiday, I haven’t gotten very much work done on getting the office room cleaned up.  The main thing I’ve been working on was taking my entire cd and dvd collection and throwing away all of the cases.  I’ve removed the paper things from them and kept them.  The cd inserts are in a small tub and the dvd inserts are in a binder.  The discs have all been put into paper sleeves that I purchased on Amazon. Then all of the sleeves are put into alphabetical order into a fabric box/basket from Target.  My dvd collection took up an entire 5 shelf bookshelf in our bedroom and since I had piles of books laying around the office I thought it would be nice to free up space on the shelf.  So even though the dvds were in our bedroom, I’m helping clean up the office by getting rid of book piles.

Here are my entire DVD and CD collections.  There are well over 400 discs in these photos.  All of these cases take up so much room!

P1000083 P1000084 P1000085

Right now I have all of my CDs completely in their new sleeves and box/basket.  I’m about halfway through the DVDs.  I’m hoping to complete this stage of the cleanup this weekend.  I will post photos of the finished product and the total count too to fully comprehend the amount of space saved with this project.

Here is the link to the paper sleeves I purchased on Amazon.    I couldn’t find any photos of the fabric basket/boxes I purchased from Target so I will post photos of them later in my next post.

On a completely separate note… I found this recipe on Pinterest the other day for “No Peek Beef Tips”.  It looked really good so I decided to give them a try.  The recipe calls for onion soup mix and cream of mushroom soup but both my husband and I are not fans of onions or mushrooms so I just strained out the onion and mushroom chunks from both before mixing all of my ingredients together.  It worked out perfectly.

Here is the link to the recipe:

And here is a photo of how my version turned out!


The beef was so tender and flavorful!  It was delicious and very filling!  I will definitely be making this again sometime!

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