Weekend Plans!

It’s finally the weekend!  Most of our friends are busy this weekend so I have decided to take advantage of that and spend most of my time cleaning and organizing!  I already have a “To Do” list going and can’t wait to get started on it tonight!

A few months ago I had purchased a new dresser from Ikea because the hand me down one from my husband was falling apart.  Well, that dresser finally got put together this past weekend by my husband and our friend!  It looks great and has more space than my old dresser.  The last few months I have had clothes scattered around our bedroom in old milk crates and laundry baskets.  My main goal tonight is to fill the dresser and get our bedroom as clean as I can possibly get it!

Tomorrow I will re-focus my attention on the office/2nd bedroom.  I have already got a small start on filing important papers.  Last weekend I purchased a paper shredder for this occasion (and for all of our future shredding needs).  I have a box filled with papers that need shredding from when we moved into our home last March.  I am really looking forward to this weekend of cleaning and organizing!

I will post photos and progress reports during the weekend (if I can find the time)!


DVD/CD Project Complete!

Finally I have finished my DVD/CD project.  For the DVDs, I took all of the paper inserts from the cases and put them in a binder organized by genre.  I put all of my Disney and other kid movies into a separate binder.  This system takes up much less space than before!

P1000104 P1000102 P1000101 P1000100


P1000084 Stuff 016 (2) (Second photo shows all of the cases on the shelf I had them on)


P1000102 (The first bin is the DVDs and the second is the CDs.  I don’t have any photos of the CDs on their old shelf)

New Year’s Resolutions

My New Year’s Resolutions this year:

1. Get healthy! (I know that everyone says this but I am determined to make it happen this year!)

2. Get organized!

3. Save money!

My husband and I had a talk over the holidays about our future plans and a lot of it involves being good about my resolutions this year.  We currently own a 2 bedroom townhome but would really like to own a regular house before we have kids.  There are a lot of stairs in our place now and we have so much stuff that there really is no room to start a family.  It could be done, but it would be a major struggle.  We have an estimated timeline that we would like to stick to but of course we know that anything can happen.  We’ve come up with a plan together on how we can save money to help us accomplish this goal.  My parents also gifted us a year long family membership to our local YMCA so that will be a huge help!

Also to help in my efforts to get healthy (for me that includes dropping a substantial amount of weight) I will be using MyPlate on http://www.livestrong.com to help keep track of my calories (both intake and burned).  It is a great way to visually see the things you are consuming and it is helping me to see how I need to better balance my foods.

I wish I was brave enough to post before and after photos of myself but alas, I am far too self conscious for that haha.

Try the LIVESTRONG.COM calorie calculator to start your weight loss journey.