I have been severely lacking motivation to get fit and healthy again.  I was doing pretty well working out and eating healthier before our cruise but after taking a week off, then getting sick after… I’ve spent too much time away from the gym.  It is now the first full week of March and I haven’t worked out since the middle of January.  Not good.  Today after work I will be going to the gym, no doubt about it.

My overall goal is to get as close to my high school/early college weight as I possibly can.  So to help motivate myself I am going to post a few photos of what I used to look like and a few more of what I look like now.  I would rather not put my actual weight out there, too embarrassing for me.

My Old Self:


Age 16 – Summer before junior year of high school


Age 18 – Freshman year of college

And here are photos of me now:

Our Wedding

Age 25 – Our Wedding

Our Honeymoon

Age 25 – Our Honeymoon

Age 26 - First anniversary

Age 26 – First anniversary

I am re-starting my calorie, exercise and weight tracking on MyPlate by Livestrong.  Since I last entered my weight on the website I’ve lost 3 pounds.  Right now I just need to remember that my struggle now will be well worth it in the end. Hopefully spring comes soon so I can be active outside again too.



One thought on “Motivation

  1. Wishing you lots of luck on your journey! It is hard to stay motivated, I know. I use a dream board with pictures that encourage me and I put it right on my fridge!

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