Project Packrat Update #1

I had a successful first weekend of Project Packrat!  I didn’t actually get to start when I had planned on it.  Spontaneous dinner plans with friends are a much more pleasing thought than spending my Friday night sorting through my crap.  Then I had forgotten about our plans to see The Hobbit on Saturday and then grocery shop afterwards.  We decided to go to a theater we hadn’t been to yet.  A friend of ours raves about the seats there so we decided to give it a try.


We went to the Marcus Theater in Rosemount.  It’s not like any other theater I had ever been to where you sit wherever.  When you buy your ticket, you reserve your seat.  And the seats you can see in the middle right of this photo!  They recline!  So awesome!  Definitely will be returning to this theater again in the future!  I loved being able to fully relax at the movies!

I finally started working on clutter when we got home and then all day on Sunday!  I got so much done!  I concentrated on our office because that closet holds a lot of crap.

Saturday my tasks were to purge my magazine and nail polish collections.  I had subscriptions to Entertainment Weekly, Rolling Stone, Better Homes and Gardens (it was cheap!), Prevention, National Geographic, Smithsonian and Cook’s Illustrated.  The only ones I kept were the Nat Geo, Smithsonian and Cook’s Illustrated.

Onward to the recycling bin!

Onward to the recycling bin!

My nail polish collection is probably the girliest thing about me.  I was always a tomboy growing up but I do love painting my nails with all kinds of different colors.  When I’m at the store I love looking for new colors but Ethan always drags me away.  He just doesn’t understand 🙂  But I was able to purge this many!  And the best part is that I will be bringing them to Christmas Eve to see if any of Ethan’s cousins or aunt want any of them.  Whatever is left will be thrown away.

The sad thing is I still have double this many left!

The sad thing is I still have double this many left!

On Sunday I was able to really get down to business!  I put on some Gilmore Girls and just went to town.  My first task was to start pulling things out of the messy closet and try to make sense of the chaos.  What I don’t show in the following picture is that our card table is usually shoved in there as well.

IMG_20141221_094428I already had a bunch of papers in my to-shred box but by the time I was done, it was overflowing!  I still need to actually shred everything though.

PicMonkey Collage2While searching through my keepsakes I found this gem from when I was growing up!  I don’t remember where it was taken but I do remember it being taken!  It was so hard for me to keep a straight face!  And the dress was actually meant for a woman so it was super long!  I look a tad ridiculous!  But can’t beat those awesome family memories!


At one point, Enzo decided he wanted to “help” but his help mostly consisted of him sitting in this box I was trying to use to sort things.  Oh well!

IMG_20141221_102511I finally got tired of sitting on the floor to sort things so I set up the card table to make it easier.  And then it was also easier to see my Gilmore Girls!

IMG_20141221_131426By the time I decided I was done for the day, I was exhausted.  I ended up taking at least 3 boxes full of recycling down to the recycling bin in our garage and at least 2 bags of garbage.  There is still plenty to do in that closet and the rest of the house but I feel like I got a good start!  My kitties got exhausted just watching me do everything!

IMG_20141221_131135I’m hoping to attack some more on this weekend before my brother gets here but we’ll see how that goes.

Project Packrat


So anybody who knows me personally knows that I am a packrat. I have a problem getting rid of stuff.  What makes it a bigger problem is that my husband is a packrat too (You know it’s true, E)!

We live in a 1167 sq ft town home and it is just full of stuff. I am exaggerating a little but the biggest problem is that everything is cluttered. It has slowly been driving me bonkers.

We will be living there for a few more years so my goal is to make it more liveable and less cluttered. Whenever I search on Pinterest for decluttering ideas, I continually see the same message: clutter = stress. So true!!  When I come home from work, I want to be able to relax but when all I see is clutter I can’t. I start stressing and think about how much I hate it in my house.

Well, it is finally time for me to do something about it! I am determined to declutter my home by the time spring comes, which will give me plenty of time because winter in Minnesota is looooooooong. I am calling this stretch of time Project Packrat. I may not be able to get E to downsize his stuff/junk but I will admit that at least 60% of the junk in our house is mine.

If I can stick to my guns and not question myself when I decide something has to go, I should be able to significantly lessen the amount of clutter in our home.  I will periodically post updates on my progress.
Here’s hoping this project is a success!


It’s that time of year!  Christmas is coming!  This is definitely one of my favorite times of the year.  I love decorating (which is somewhat hindered thanks to my cats).  I usually like to decorate right after Thanksgiving but this year I didn’t get around to it until yesterday.  Our place is small and we have two very curious and mischievous cats so we can’t have a lot of decorations.  Two years ago one of them broke a really awesome Irish dancer ornament my mom had just given me 😦

So we settle for a small 3 foot tree and garland on top of our fireplace and then set our extra ornaments around the living room on shelves.

We alternate plans every other year to fit in both of our families.  This year Christmas Eve will be spent with Ethan’s dad’s side of the family.  We all get together at his grandparent’s house and have food and open presents.  We kind of do a Secret Santa kind of thing.  Every one draws a name of another family member to get presents for.  We have a private group on Facebook where everyone posts their lists.  It’s a lot of fun!  On Christmas Day we always spend the morning and afternoon at Ethan’s grandma’s farm.  We have a traditional Christmas dinner, open presents and visit the farm animals.

My brother and his fiance will be spending Christmas with her family this year and coming up to spend a couple of days with us afterwards so we’ll be doing Christmas with my family then.  My parents live about a mile away so we’ll probably see them on Christmas Day at some point in the evening.

Do you have any Christmas traditions?

Our Christmas tree and garland

Our Christmas tree and garland

Gift from Ethan's grandparents last year

Gift from Ethan’s grandparents last year


Ornaments in front of the tv

Ornaments in front of the tv

Frosty Friends ornaments my parents collected while I was growing up

Frosty Friends ornaments my parents collected while I was growing up

My two new Gone With The Wind ornaments I just got today!  They will go great with my collection that I already have and keep out year round!

My two new Gone With The Wind ornaments I just got today! They will go great with my collection that I already have and keep out year round!