Whole30: 30 days of clean and healthy eating

Check out my brother and his fiance’s new blog about their journey during Whole30! As soon as Ethan and I can rid our house of all the processed crap food we already have we will be joining them! Big thanks to Steph for loaning me her copy of the book! Such an eye opener!

Change the way you think about your Diet


Steph and Jim here to jot down some of our opening thoughts as we start our journey through Whole30. We previously had written about, albeit very little, our diet and our prior relationship with food. After further reading, our relationship has transformed and we are going to be making a drastic change. Our goal for the next 30 days is to have a better relationship with the food that we eat and to be generally healthier people. We are going to try and achieve this goal through the plan that is laid out by the Hartwigs in the book It Starts With Food. This all stems from Steph ordering the book from Amazon a while ago after following the Whole30 instagram page, among countless other reading. After Steph read this book and seeing all the testimonials, she brought it to me and said “We have to do this!” So…

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