Update On An Old Project

Two years ago I had done an organization project with my DVDs and CDs in an effort to create more space.  I wrote this post about the completed project.  I took all of my DVDs and CDs and put them in paper sleeves and then put those sleeves in a fabric bin.  It saved a ton of space!  Alas, the DVD project was a complete waste because after a few months I got really sad not seeing all of my DVDs on a shelf anymore.  I know, pathetic and definitely #firstworldproblems.  So I had put all of the DVDs back in their cases and back on the shelves.  The CDs however I was fine leaving in the paper sleeves.  The only problem with the fabric bin was that it was pretty flimsy and was really heavy.  I happened to win a $50 Target gift card thanks to an awesome giveaway by Erica @ Looking To The Stars so today I went to my local Target and found some cool new bins that would work perfectly.  They are sturdy and a pretty color!  I also had some CDs that I needed to put in sleeves so today I finished up that project.

This is the original fabric bin with the CDs I still needed to put in sleeves.

IMG_20150115_181933I take the front inserts out and keep those in a plastic snap bin.


Then I pry apart the case and take the side title and tape that to the front of the sleeve.  Then on the back of the sleeve I tape the track listing and any art/photos that might be on the back.

IMG_20150117_194042Once I had all of the discs out of the fabric bin I set it down on the floor and Enzo decided that it was now his.

IMG_20150117_182716I also made new index tabs which I just cut up pieces of cardstock and used a bronze metallic Sharpie to write the letters.  The bins were Room Essential media bins that were $5.99 each.

IMG_20150117_194709Now my CDs are easier to access.  I don’t need to pull the entire flimsy fabric binder out.  I can just pull one out at a time so it won’t be as heavy.

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