31 Day Blogging Challenge – Day 1: Introduction

For the next 31 days I am going to participate in a blogging challenge created by Erica @ Looking To The Stars!  Each day there will be a new topic to post about and I’m really excited to play along because these look like some fun topics to write about.

31 Day Blogging Challenge

Day 1: Introduction & Recent Photo


Most recent photo was taken on Christmas Eve (I take a lot of photos, just not of myself haha)

Hi everyone!  I’m Maren!  I’m a 28 year old Minnesota girl, born and raised.  Up until I was in the 5th grade my family moved around a lot but we always stayed in Minnesota with the exception of a sixth month period spent in Sioux Falls, SD.  My parents are awesome and have been married for almost 32 years.  I have a younger brother who is 24 and living in Chicago with his fiance.  He is one of my best friends.  I graduated with a bachelor of arts in History major and museum studies minor from Luther College in 2009.  After college I couldn’t find a job in my chosen field so I lived at home and worked a grocery store job I had had since I was 17.  While working there I met Ethan who was also working there and we have been together since October 2010.  Eight months later he proposed and another 6 months after that we were married.  Our 3rd anniversary is coming up in 9 days!  Shortly after our wedding we bought a townhouse and a month after that we got our first cat, Nika.  Three months later we got our second cat, Enzo.  We both love to travel and have so many places we want to go together.  For our honeymoon we went to Mackinac Island in Michigan.  And for our first wedding anniversary we went on a cruise to the Caribbean.  We currently do not have kids of our own but I have the most adorable 3 year old goddaughter I love to hang out with.

Currently I commute 45 minutes to my job where I work in a small company as a human resources/accounts payable/compliance combo.  I share an office with my dad, who is one of my favorite people in the world, so I get to see him 5 days a week.

I love reading and watching movies and TV shows.  I have massive collections of books, movies and TV seasons.  I just can’t help myself sometimes 🙂 I am an avid user of Goodreads so you can see what I’m reading there.  And I also have a book blog that I post reviews, book challenges and weekly memes.

I love being outdoors, especially away from cities.  I love going hiking and wish that I lived in an area closer to more exciting trails.  Southern MN doesn’t have much besides prairies and corn fields.

So that is a little bit about me!  Stay tuned to find out more over the next 31 days!

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