KonMari Update

Since I last posted I worked on a lot of things.  I have now completed the clothing category which was perfect timing because in Minnesota we have a charity called the Epilepsy Foundation of Minnesota that occasionally has pick-up days.  You’ll get a postcard in the mail announcing when they will be in your neighborhood.  All you have to do is bag and/or box up whatever you want to donate (as long as they are accepted items) and set them on your curb, label them with the postcard or a paper that says EF and they come around and pick them up.  Lucky for me, they are coming today!


I had 8 bags full of clothes, outerwear, and even some stuffed animals.  The printer box is full of shoes, at least 10 pairs.  The small box is full of cookbooks.

My biggest success this weekend was my husband wanting to go through his clothes in the closet!  On the floor of his side of the closet he had a ton of pants that were in a very very messy pile.  We were able to donate almost every single pair because they were too small.  We were going to go through his dresser too but ran out of time.

On Saturday I pulled several books off my bookshelves that I had not read.  They were the kind of books that I keep around for a quick read, mostly Nora Roberts and Robyn Carr.  I felt I could easily get rid of those whereas most of my other books would be nearly impossible for me to give up, even the ones I haven’t read yet.  Then I pulled up two boxes of books we had in the basement to sort through.  One was a book of mostly coffee table type books.  I have a great love for Ireland so I have a few Ireland books that I was not able to get rid of.  I did pull out an old high school history textbook and a really old cookbook.  In the other box was all of my late childhood-early teens books.  I was able to pull out all of them and put them on shelves except for the American Girls books.  Those I was able to put in the box with the remaining coffee table books though.  I was able to eliminate an entire box out of our packed storage room!  I also started to go through the things in our office.  Some of these things are hard for me to pull out by category because I’m not sure exactly what I have.

Yesterday I worked through all of our paper mess.  I was able to pull a large stack that needs to be shredded, and an even bigger pile that could just be recycled.

Even though I am far from being done with this process, my house is already looking more clutter free than it has since we moved in!  It’s been a lot easier for me to put things away when I am done using them because I am loving the way it looks!

The next three weekends I will be out of town so I won’t have much time to work on KMing my house but I feel as though I’m at a good place right now.  I may work on it a few nights after work here and there.

4 thoughts on “KonMari Update

  1. Awesome! Sounds like great progress. And it’s really cool there’s an organization that comes around to pick up donations. Perfect timing!

  2. I did the one-day KonMari purge two weeks ago and it was amazing! Lots of work, but our house is much less cluttered and this weekend I didn’t have to spend an entire day cleaning up. We actually went for a long walk on the beach instead! I also made a capsule wardrobe which is also a game changer. Try it, your life will change! Also, I think doing KonMari in one big purge is key, because then you see the change immediately instead of seeing change little by little. It makes more of a impact on your mindset. At least that’s what worked for me! GOOD LUCK!!!!!

    • I’ve been seeing so much about capsule wardrobes lately and am totally intrigued by it. It’s something I will definitely be trying in the near future. I wish I could do it all in one big purge. I just have too much stuff. Everything I’ve done so far has just made me more excited to get to the rest. Every night I come home from work I get excited to start tackling a category. It’s really freeing to watch all of this stuff go!

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