2015-2016 Erin Condren Life Planner

I’ve always been on the lookout for the perfect planner.  I even made my own out of a Moleskine notebook but even that wasn’t to my liking.  I had heard of the Erin Condren Life Planner but never got one until this year.  I was so excited when it arrived at my house yesterday!  I had to pace myself to allow for taking photos when all I really wanted to do was tear into the package and get started!  It arrived in perfect time for the beginning of the month.  It came in a cute box and was very well packaged on the inside.

IMG_20150701_174447IMG_20150701_174947IMG_20150701_175037There are so many different covers to choose from and most of them you can personalize with your name or your blog… whatever you’re planning to use the planner for!  The covers are also removable so if you get tired of your original cover you can get a new one and switch them out as often as you like!  I got the elastic band pack to help keep the book together if I ever needed to bring it with me anywhere.  If I had to toss it in my purse, I wouldn’t have to worry about the cover falling open and damaging the pages inside.

IMG_20150701_175258 IMG_20150701_175309


The first few pages of the planner have affirmations and motivational quotes.  There is also this two page section where you can list some of your goals in life!  It’s a great way to keep those goals in your mind so they are easier to achieve.

IMG_20150701_175317 IMG_20150701_175417 IMG_20150701_175432There are tabs for each month and section of the planner.  Each month opens with a monthly layout where you can put in your goals for the month on the right side and fill in brief event descriptions.  Then it moves into the weekly layouts.  This year there are two different layouts you can choose from: horizontal or vertical.  I went with vertical because I wanted to use the planner for my life, my blog and my fitness.  Each of the three sections are now blank so it is easy to write in what I want to use them for.  In the top left corner, there is a small box for you to write a thankful thought every week.  That is a helpful reminder to not take things for granted and be thankful for the good things in your life.  There is also a spot to make a list on the left side.  I will probably make that a weekly to-do list.  Underneath each day there is also a few lines that I will be using for meal planning.


IMG_20150701_175633At the back of the planner there are some fun stickers to use for birthdays, voting, dr. appointments, etc.  There are also two sheets worth of blank ones that you can make your own!  Those will be fun pops of color to use in the planner.


There is also a nice two sided pocket folder in the back to help keep loose items like invitations or anything else like that.

IMG_20150701_180119 The very last thing is a press and seal pocket to store any stickers or other small extras you may choose to use in your planner.  The planner came with a few gifts and samples such as a sheet of the Do It All Dots and a coil clip.  The coil clip can be used to add in a page whether you might want to make a dashboard or a color code key.  There is a bit of adhesive that you can attach to any piece of paper and then it clips right into the coils.  There are also some compliment cards and some referral cards!IMG_20150702_184114 IMG_20150702_184151

I had fun last night filling in this week of my planner!  I created a color code system that I will be using.  I used one of the compliment cards to write out the color code and attached it to my planner with the coil clip.

Overall I am loving this planner and am really looking forward to being more organized!

Are you interested in the Life Planner or anything else that Erin Condren has to offer?  Click this link and sign up to receive $10 off your first purchase!

4 thoughts on “2015-2016 Erin Condren Life Planner

  1. So cute! I really wish I could do these, but life with Frank is living by the seams of your pants! I love him but sometimes I feel so unorganized or so last minute, ha!! But I will live vicariously through you 😀

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