Getting Back to KonMari

Wow!  I have seriously been neglecting this blog!  Sorry about that!  Things have been so busy in my personal life and between that and my book blog, I’ve let this one slip.

I hit a road block with decluttering my house.  In fact, everything I did before seems to have been for nothing because my house has never been more messy than it is now!  But I am determined to get back into the zone and KonMari the heck out of my house.  It’s kind of the perfect time for me now because we are having to rearrange our bedroom all because we have really crappy neighbors who like to blast loud bass music.  I’ve asked the guy to turn it down and he did… slightly.  On Wednesday night, we were woken up in the middle of the night to the thump of the bass.  I ended up sleeping downstairs on the couch because I couldn’t sleep up there.  Ugh.  We are hoping to be able to sell this place earlier next year but for now we will have to deal with this neighbor until at least October-ish when their lease runs out.  Anyways, enough with the rant and onto the details of the rearrangement which will lead to KonMari work.

Our bed is currently up against the shared wall with the neighbor, hence the need for the rearrange.  We will basically be flipping the furniture in the room 180 degrees.


This is our current set up on the shared wall.  I don’t have a before picture of the other wall but it has a bookcase, a shorter bookcase that holds our TV, and my dresser.

Last night I started the process of taking the smaller things off of the bigger furniture items.  I began by taking all of my books off of the bookcase and stacking them on the window seat.  When I saw the end result of that, I knew I needed to get back into KonMari.  Incidentally, I am also challenging myself and others to concentrate on reading all of the books they own but haven’t read yet.  So earlier this year I took an inventory of all of my books and marked the unread ones.  You can see my stats here and why I think a book purge is necessary for me at this point – My Home Library.  More than 50% of my books are unread!  And considering how many books are unread compared to my average of books per year, it would take me over 3 years to finish them all!

Here is the photo of all of the books stacked on my window seat for the rearranging.


So after we get all of the big furniture pieces moved tonight or tomorrow I am going to go through each book and purge those that don’t “spark joy”.

Stay tuned for photos of the final arrangement 🙂


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