Bedroom Rearrange and Book Purge

As I mentioned in my last post we decided to rearrange our bedroom this past weekend.   We are jumping back into the decluttering so we can have an easier time when we are able to move to a new home.  I concentrated my efforts on my books since there were so many.  Instead of just looking at the books on the shelves in my bedroom, I ended up going through all of my books.  I had some pretty good success and was able to cut out nearly 70 books!  For the upstairs shelf, as I put back the books on the shelf I held each one in my hand and asked myself if I was really ever going to read it and how long I have owned it without reading it.  For the other shelves, I didn’t take all of the books off but I looked over each one and asked myself those same questions.  Some were duplicates that I gave to a friend, others I will be able to sell for a bit of money, and the rest will be donated to our town’s annual hospital auxiliary book sale.  I didn’t take photos of all of the books but here are a bunch of them.

I have been collecting the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon for about a year now.  I started out with all of the mass market paperbacks but decided to also get every edition I could get my hands on.  I now have 12 different editions of the first book alone.  And the complete set of US trade paperbacks so I decided to let my US mass market set go to my friend who also loves the series and has been borrowing them from me.  I also gave her my mass market copies of the first 8 books of the Sookie Stackhouse series by Charlaine Harris.  I upgraded those to hardcover and she loves that series as well.

I am still getting used to the new bedroom setup but Ethan has said that he likes it better and that it feels more open.  So without further ado, here is our new setup.


Our bed is now up against the wall of our office.  Since we are planning to sell our house next year we decided not to make any more nail holes for artwork.  We had to take down the artwork above our bed to accomodate the TV and bookshelf but we will not be putting them back up on the empty wall.


Now on the shared wall with the neighbor we have my dresser, bookshelves and tv.


The room feels a lot brighter and even a little bigger now!

After decluttering my books a bit, I am back in the mood to declutter the rest of the house so stay tuned for additional purges!

5 thoughts on “Bedroom Rearrange and Book Purge

    • Thanks Brandie! It was easier than I thought because I was really honest about whether I would actually read them or not. I’ll be able to purge more after I read some more of them too.

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