House Hunters International

I have a bit of an obsession with all things HGTV which sucks for me because we don’t have cable at our house.  Too expensive!  A few weeks ago Netflix finally added some of my absolute favorite shows including House Hunters, Property Brothers and Love It or List It.  My husband and I have been watching them together and we recently finished watching all of the available episodes of House Hunters International.


I LOVE this show!  I love traveling and think it would be amazing to live overseas somewhere so this allowed me to live vicariously through the people on this show.  I loved seeing all of the different kinds of housing and seeing what features are the same and those that are different.  One of the most interesting (and I’ll admit annoying) things about the episodes with American people/families moving to Europe was how shocked and appalled they were by the difference in size of dwellings and lack of multiple bathrooms.  In the US we are used to having large rooms, large bedrooms, multiple bathrooms and two living spaces, etc.  But in Europe those things are very seldom seen.  These people on the show were getting rather upset (usually the mothers in the family episodes) and all I could think was…..  Come on you jerks!  This is the chance of a lifetime to live somewhere new and exciting!  Not many people get this opportunity and yes, there will obviously be some compromising and getting used to the way things are.  So stop your bitching and just think about all the positives!  I would kill to be in your situation!  …  Both my husband and I got annoyed with these people.  We started talking about what it would be like if he got a job opportunity to move to Europe… what countries we would prefer, the benefits, the downsides, etc.  I think it would be so exciting to move to Europe and have all of that opportunity to just hop on a train and be in another country…  Oh, all of the exploring we could do!!!  Just think of all the new experiences!  We would jump at an opportunity to move abroad!  We decided our top two country choices would be Ireland and England.  I’ve always had a major thing for Ireland and my husband’s ancestors are from there so it would be awesome to trace back his lineage and see the places where his ancestors have lived.  Our friend has done some work for his company in England and loves everything about it.  He has told us that he would move there if given the chance.

If you were given the opportunity to live abroad, would you?  What would be your dream country to live in?