Wishful Thinking

We bought our townhome about two and a half years ago.  It was great.  We got out of the crappy apartment we were living in and made our first big step as a married couple.  We had two bedrooms, one and a half bathrooms, a two car garage and a nice deck.  As time has gone on, I’ve slowly become very unsatisfied with our home.  A few of our neighbors are renters and they never seem to stay long.  Our current neighbors in the rental are awful!  Loud, thumping music at all hours of the day.  Loud, screaming kids banging on walls.  Squealing cars that come and go all day long.  Then there is the newest neighbor across from us.  She lives alone with two dogs but her adult children are always coming over and parking in the middle of the street instead of in her driveway.  Her son seems to love honking the horn to get her attention rather than go up and ring the doorbell.  I’m slowly being driven mad by these crazy neighbors.  I’m constantly daydreaming about moving away to a real house that has zero shared walls with any neighbors.  Unfortunately we will have to deal with living in our current situation until E is done with school and can find a job.  We aren’t limiting where he looks for a job so we don’t have any idea where we will end up.  So enough of the complaining (which I would prefer to call venting at this point haha) and on to the point of this post.

Wishful thinking.  As I said, I’ve been constantly daydreaming about moving to an actual house instead of a townhouse.  I’m always looking at realty listings in the area, trying to see what I like and don’t like in home features.  So in this post I am going to layout my dream house.

I would like at least 3 bedrooms.  I definitely want to have a master bedroom.  Something that is a decent size that I could sit and read in or just relax if I needed some alone time.  Something similar to this would be perfect….

  Our “master” bedroom is just the larger of the two bedrooms and it’s not even that big.  We have a queen bed, some bookshelves and a dresser each so there is just enough room to walk around the bed.  Definitely no room for me to have a nice chair to relax in.

At least 2 bathrooms, including a separate master bath.  My ideal master bath would feature a standing shower with glass door, a whirlpool tub and dual sinks.  Something similar to this…

Our bathroom that is upstairs by the two bedrooms is very small and has a tub-shower combo (which I hate), just a small sink, small linen closet and barely enough room to do anything.

My master bedroom would have an awesome walk in closet.  I’m not talking about those ones you see in mansions where the closet is as big as a bedroom.  That’s overkill.  Something like this would be great….

  I love the different heights of hanging clothes, the shelves for shoe boxes and drawers.  It would definitely be a welcome step up from my smaller walk-in closet with the wire Rubbermaid closet system.

Our laundry area is just a small closet outside of our bedroom upstairs.  We have front load washer and dryer.  And because of the way the builders situated the washer tray we had to take the closet doors off otherwise the washer and dryer doors scratch the heck out of the closet doors.  It’s pretty annoying.  I’d love to have a small laundry room rather than just a laundry closet.  Something that has a counter top where we could fold the clothes right away.  I would also be okay combining this room with a mudroom too.  Something like this as a laundry room only would be great….

A mudroom would be great to have.  Especially when we have kids.  Something like this would be great… 

I would like to have a living room on the main level that is mostly just a sitting room for visiting with company, reading, or anything that doesn’t require a television.  I’d like to have this room be TV free.  Something like this, without the tv though…

I would like a separate family room or entertainment room in the basement.  This would definitely have a big flat screen and plenty of shelving for my giant movie collection.  Something like this would be awesome! 

  I love the little bar seating behind the couch and the U shaped sectional couch.  I would prefer darker wall colors though and of course shelving somewhere for my movie collection.

I would love to have a dedicated library room, but that is big time dreaming right there.  It would be great to have one that looks like this….

  I love the shelving and the arrangement of the furniture but I don’t particularly care for the furniture itself.

An office area would be great to have.  Especially if it had two desk areas.  E is a big time computer geek so he would definitely need his own space to have all of his computer stuff.  Something like this would be great…

I’d love to have a nice organized garage.  Something big enough to hold 2 cars and our bikes without them bumping into each other.  Big enough where we don’t have to back the car out to get the garbage out on garbage day.  I’m not too particular about how it would look, just as long as it was organized and efficient.

I know you’re probably wondering, “What about the kitchen?”  Well I saved that one for last because right now that is my greatest desire… a nice, big kitchen with lots of cupboard space, counter space and a pantry.  Our current kitchen is a small galley style kitchen that is nowhere near big enough.  It drives me crazy cooking in that space.  I would love a pantry like this…

   And my dream kitchen would like similar to this…   I LOVE this kitchen.  Lots of space.  Tons of counter top space.  I love the range.  So awesome.

Ok so that would be what my dream house would look like on the inside.  I have too many favorite types of exterior design that it would be too hard to pick just one.  I know I’ll probably never have a house like this, but a girl can dream!  Any house we find after this will be a big step up from where we are now.  I can’t wait until we get to that next step!

(All photos are sourced from Houzz.com which is a great resource for dreamers like me, or people who are looking for renovation ideas and companies!  Check it out!  If you liked any of the photos I included, just click on it and it will take you to Houzz.com!)

Been Awhile

So it’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything new.  My life has been kind of crazy lately.

One thing that I’ve been working on is continuing to organize our home and de-clutter it.  It’s been a struggle but it’s finally coming along.  Last weekend we contributed items to my parent’s garage sale.  We didn’t sell everything but enough to get rid of a bunch of clutter.  The rest we plan to try selling somewhere else or donating.

I also just finished taking an accounting course online through a local technical college.  That was interesting.  I probably won’t be taking anymore classes.

Our adorable (and irritating) cats have been making things interesting at home.  They have one of those water dishes that is like a mini water cooler.  Enzo has taken to flipping the whole thing over.  We have come home to the floor being wet many times.  I love them anyways.

We are both now concentrating on budgeting our money better.  I hit a point that I like to call my rock bottom.  I’ll post updates on that later and how I am budgeting my money.

New Year’s Resolutions

My New Year’s Resolutions this year:

1. Get healthy! (I know that everyone says this but I am determined to make it happen this year!)

2. Get organized!

3. Save money!

My husband and I had a talk over the holidays about our future plans and a lot of it involves being good about my resolutions this year.  We currently own a 2 bedroom townhome but would really like to own a regular house before we have kids.  There are a lot of stairs in our place now and we have so much stuff that there really is no room to start a family.  It could be done, but it would be a major struggle.  We have an estimated timeline that we would like to stick to but of course we know that anything can happen.  We’ve come up with a plan together on how we can save money to help us accomplish this goal.  My parents also gifted us a year long family membership to our local YMCA so that will be a huge help!

Also to help in my efforts to get healthy (for me that includes dropping a substantial amount of weight) I will be using MyPlate on http://www.livestrong.com to help keep track of my calories (both intake and burned).  It is a great way to visually see the things you are consuming and it is helping me to see how I need to better balance my foods.

I wish I was brave enough to post before and after photos of myself but alas, I am far too self conscious for that haha.

Try the LIVESTRONG.COM calorie calculator to start your weight loss journey.