The Best of Me – Movie Review

The_Best_of_Me_posterI’m a big Nicholas Sparks fan.  I just have to have my cheesy romance books/movies every now and again.  The Best of Me was probably one of my least favorite of his books because there is no happy ending.  I have to have a happy ending in my romances otherwise it just doesn’t seem right.

So I went to see the movie today with a friend.  First off, it just came out last weekend and there was just the two of us in the theater!  Granted it was 1:40 pm on a school day but I would have thought there would have at least been a handful of people in there.  While we waited for it to start I decided to look it up on Flixster to see the Rotten Tomatoes score…. I was shocked!  7%… I don’t think I have ever seen a movie that has scored so low!  So things were not looking good.  I was already hoping like hell that they would change the ending of the book like they did for Dear John.

I like James Marsden and Michelle Monaghan is okay in my book.  I think they did a great job at picking the actress to play young Amanda.  Liana Liberato looks so much like Michelle Monaghan.  You could definitely see her as a younger version of Michelle.

Michelle Monaghan (Amanda Collier) vs. Liana Liberato (Young Amanda Collier)

Michelle Monaghan (Amanda Collier) vs. Liana Liberato (Young Amanda Collier)

The actor they chose for young Dawson was a completely different story!  First of all, he looked so old!  Not old old but definitely much older than a high schooler is supposed to look.  Hell, I’m almost 28 and he looked older than me!  After doing some research we discovered that he is 25 but still… he just looks too old for this role.  And he does not look like James Marsden at all!  Not a good choice.  Some of the other choices for actors were a little odd.  But what can you do…

James Marsden (Dawson Cole) vs. Luke Bracey (Young Dawson Cole)

When I compare the film to the book, it doesn’t exactly crossover very well.  My friend kept asking what was happening since I had read the book and knew more of what was going on.  It’s seems hard for Hollywood to translate a book to the big screen well.  This fits in right with that.  I like the storyline of the book and the way it is all laid out but on the screen, it doesn’t seem to fully transfer.

I was not very impressed by this film adaptation.  Will I watch it again someday?  Probably.  Just like I still torture myself with Nights in Rodanthe, another Sparks book to movie that has a shitty, sad ending.  I don’t want to give away the ending in case you have never read the book and are interested in seeing the movie.

Overall I would rate this movie 2.5 out of 5.