30 Day Movie Challenge – Day 30


Day 30: Most thought-provoking movie

The end is finally here!  I hope everyone enjoyed this challenge if you’ve been reading along or if you’ve been participating on your own blog.  There were some days I just wanted to give up and not continue but I trudged along and did it anyway.

The most though-provoking movie I have seen would have to be Inception.  I’ve always had incredibly vivid dreams so this movie hit close to home.  Often I would wake up from my dreams thinking that what I saw was real.  It would take me a little bit to realize that it was just a dream.  So what would it be like to be able to go into other people’s dreams or go further yet into a dream within a dream…  The end of the movie still haunts me in a way.  Did Cobb’s totem fall or is it still spinning meaning he is still in a dream?  Ahhhh!  Great movie, loved everything about it.

And now this challenge is over.  What you would like me to post about in the future?  I’m looking for some input on post ideas!