Moleskine Planner DIY

My Moleskine Planner

My Moleskine Planner

I always seem to be on the lookout for the perfect planner but can NEVER find exactly what I want.  So I did some checking around on Pinterest for some good ideas on making my own planner.  I didn’t want a ring binder because those always get bent out of shape.  Anything with a soft cover would get junky pretty fast, too.  So I needed something with a hardcover but nothing too expensive.  I’ve seen a lot of organization bloggers create planners and sell them but they are always so expensive, at least for me anyways.  So I was happy to find a couple examples of people making their own planners with Moleskine notebooks!  I’ve always loved the look of them.  Of all the blog posts about creating a planner from a Moleskine was from Charmingly Modern.  I really liked her weekly layout.  That was always the main section of a planner I could never find one that I liked.  I had a few features that I added to make mine meet my needs and left out some of the sections she created in hers.

You Will Need:

  • Moleskine Notebook – click for the one I used
  • A ruler
  • A black pen
  • Highlighters in multiple colors
  • washi tape (optional)
Month Page Layout

Month Page Layout

I didn’t change anything from her month layout.  I left 3 squares at the top and bottom to leave room for notes.  Each square is 7×7.  With the size notebook I have, that made 5 rows.  For the long months, some of the last squares will have to be cut in half.  My color code helps keeps different events and appointments in order.  Green is for my personal things.  Blue is for Ethan’s.  Yellow is for our bills.  Only the ones I have to remember to pay.  Any bill that is automatic I don’t write in the planner.  Orange is for family events.  Pink is for events with our friends.  The washi tape on the side doesn’t really represent anything.  Just another splash of color.

Weekly Page Layout

Weekly Page Layout

My weekly page layout is where I made my personal touches to her layout.  I started 3 squares from the top.  Monday through Friday are 9 x 26.  Saturday and Sunday are 7 x 13.  Within the days I sectioned off two 9 x 3 chunks.  The first chunk is to record my Fitbit stats for the day.  I record my daily activity minutes, steps and flights of stairs.  In the second chunk I plan out our meals for dinner.  I try and do this ahead of time but sometimes it doesn’t happen until the day of.  Saturday and Sunday have smaller chunks.  Fitbit stats: 7 x 3 and dinner plan 7 x 2.

At the bottom of the pages I have the left side for my To-Do List and the right side for my weekly goals.

I’ve been using this planner since April and I really like it!  I actually use it everyday unlike other planners that I have purchased in the past.

Have you found a planner that you like?  Or have you made one of your own?


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